1. Encouraging Metrics with John McIntyre

    John McIntyre is the Chief Philanthropy Officer with Mercy Foundation, which is a part of the Dignity Health System. John's involvement in philanthropy spans more than 30 years and through that time he has worked with donors to advance higher education, health care, and social support care for the e…Read More

  2. Mentoring Fundraisers with Aaron Sanderson

    It's interesting to note that one of the things preventing accelerated giving in North America is the retention of talent. Donors have said that the reason why they are no longer able to give donations is that their contacts in organizations keep changing. This poses a threat to the fundraising acti…Read More

  3. Fundraising Certifications with John Drake

    There are many reasons for fundraisers to pursue certification in philanthropy. According to the CFRE, 51% of CFRE's receive their employer’s support toward their initial certification while 63% of employers put money towards the continuing education of their fundraisers, required for recertificat…Read More

  4. Donor Recognition with Christina Amri

    In the world of fundraising, if people are not moved emotionally, things are harder to get done. Putting up a list of people and what they have done isn’t enough--people want to feel seen and recognized for doing something in a tangible manner that has a personal touch. And what better way is ther…Read More

  5. Fundraising Metrics with Bill Littlejohn

    Bill Littlejohn is one of the nation's leading healthcare philanthropy professionals with more than three decades of experience. He has led & directed philanthropic programs that have generated more than half a billion dollars. He is a 1980 graduate from the University of Virginia with a Bachelo…Read More