1. Building a Culture of Philanthropy

    The culture of an organization is very important in philanthropy. It is also just as important that the entire organization gets involved in building that culture and not get too bogged down in the business side of philanthropy. Culture eats strategy every time, meaning that if you don't pay attenti…Read More

  2. The Dynamics of a CEO/CDO Relationship with Ed Flynn

    Great relationships lead to great organizations. There's nothing more important than a positive CEO-CDO relationship to deliver quality service. It's not just about raising money; it's about the partnerships you have in leadership. Ed Flynn is the Principal of Flynn Consulting. He has over 30 years …Read More

  3. The Art of Philanthropy

    Staying true to your donors is the commitment you make when you agree to be a fundraiser. But the organization’s leadership and metrics don’t always operate harmoniously with those ideals. Donors don't have the same priorities or needs as those who operate behind the scenes of the philanthropic …Read More

  4. What is a Capital Campaign and Why Do One?

    When running a capital campaign, you should expect the unexpected. This is because at one point or another it may stall or look hopeless. But Penny Cowden has some great advice from her many years of experience she has accumulated from running very successful campaigns, helping raise over $100 milli…Read More

  5. High Achievers in Fundraising with Dr. Tricia Groff

    High achievers have a strong will and a high degree of confidence in who they are. They are open to learning and have very high expectations of themselves and of others. Dr. Tricia Groff is a psychologist, writer, and speaker. She specializes in the personal and professional development of high achi…Read More

  6. The Origins and Inspiration Behind Philanthropy212

    Penny Cowden is the founder of Philanthropy212. She spent 25 years as a front-line funder managing all aspects of fundraising programs including board development & training. In the course of her career, she has helped raise over $100 million. This week we will explore the inspiration and creati…Read More