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My goal is to provide you and your team with an experienced fundraising consultant who understands the day-to-day opportunities and challenges that come with fundraising for nonprofit organizations. I’ve been there — I’ve been a frontline fundraiser and can easily identify with the situations and questions that you are constantly dealing with. I’ll help you improve your effectiveness and results through conversation, tips, and understanding.

Board Development And Training

My 25+ year career as a development executive taught me that boards inspire donors. Success is based on knowing how to build high-functioning boards that achieve unprecedented results in dollars raised, building powerful relationships and partnering with donors to transform organizations.

Yet, I’ve consistently seen board members with had no idea what to do. No clue as to their role and responsibilities. I experienced boards trying to manage staff and operations and championing events as the best way to raise money.

Many not-for-profit board and organizational leaders think:

✔️   We just need to fill the board seats
✔️   The board’s major role is to provide fiduciary oversight
✔️   Development staff should ask for money–it’s their job
✔️   We shouldn’t have to give; we already give our time
✔️   Events and publicity raise money

These are just some of the myths that lead to limited, transactional giving. Transformation happens through boards that understand the power of possibilities inherent in philanthropy. That’s what Philanthropy212° is all about–Helping leaders achieve unlimited transformative giving.

MY EXPERTISE: Creating inspired board members and not-for-profit leaders who then inspire donors
MY CLIENTS: You’ll be a CEO, Executive Director, Vice President of a Foundation or Not-For-Profit Organization
HOW I DO THIS: I design customized leadership strategies and workshops that inform and inspire YOUR board members and leaders
WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: 25 years directly working with low and high-functioning boards. My superpower is in knowing the difference and how to strengthen and develop powerful boards that:

✔️  Embrace their role in the philanthropic process
✔️  Foster authentic relationships
✔️  Encourage and participate in building donor relationships
✔️  Know how to inspire transformational giving

HOW IT WORKS: We start with a free strategy consultation to determine your opportunities and if I might be able to help.

You need high-performing board members to create a comprehensive and successful nonprofit fundraising strategy. But, remember, they are volunteers — they already believe in the cause, but you must provide the tools they need to help further it. Continuous education and training are key to nurturing prepared and enthusiastic board members. When you work with Philanthropy212°, you get the right tools and continuous support in working with those tools to engage and enthuse your leaders.

Staff Development And Training

Conferences are great, but they can’t replace a program that embeds continuous learning as part of the regular routine of your nonprofit fundraising strategy. Philanthropy212° provides you with resources, motivation, and an open help line, as well as on-site training and education sessions to empower and develop your staff. No other company is better equipped to help you with your fundraising strategy.

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“As a physician trustee of our Foundation Board, I experienced first hand how Penny engaged board members through her visionary leadership. She created a sense of purpose in our board members and how we fit in as part of the team. She was always strategic, creative and innovative as she took us to the next level of success in our fundraising goals. Penny also raised the level of awareness and support of our foundation in the community and became a friend to board trustees, hospital staff and community members. Any organization wishing to increase its philanthropic success needs to look no further. Penny is the one to call.”

– Edward Puccio, MD, FACEP Medical Director and Chairman Department of Emergency Medicine Inova Loudoun Hospital