Start A New Nonprofit Campaign Or Program With Philanthropy212°

When it’s time to rev up recognition and donations for your nonprofit, you need a solid campaign. From initial brainstorming and devising a strategy to coordinating your launch, Philanthropy212° can help ensure your next campaign has the foundation and ongoing support it needs to be a success.


Campaigns are excellent tools — whether it’s a major campaign or a special project campaign. The key to a successful campaign is the work that begins well before you ever ask for that first gift. Success is about planning and then implementing that plan. Philanthropy212° is a leader in the field of fundraising consulting and designing campaigns that launch and achieve your ultimate success. And we don’t leave. We stick with you through the entire process from beginning to end — to answer questions, help out, and do whatever’s necessary to ensure your campaign’s a success.


How many times have you put together a fundraising strategy only to have it sit on the shelf? How often have you been overwhelmed because you just don’t know where to start or how to get all of those things done? I’ve been there. The key to planning is to think strategically — and to focus on the implementation side as hard as you focus on the planning side. Philanthropy212° will work with you to ensure that your customized fundraising strategy planning is developed with implementation in mind — no shelves allowed!

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“…Penny Cowden is a leader who is decisive and gets things done! She has the ability to make a plan and then implement the plan to completion…”

– Joan Fletcher – President Winning Ways, Inc.