Dean Browell is the Principal, Co-Founder, and Executive Vice President of Feedback, a company specializing in developing contextual voice-of-the-consumer research through digital channels for mid-size and large global brands. 

Dean has a passion for how generations interact online and his expertise is evident across many industries. He is a Board Member of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, the Poe Museum, and the University of Richmond’s Institute on Philanthropy, where he has taught for 11 years.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dean Browell explains what digital ethnography means and how it works
  • How to capture data using digital ethnography 
  • Dean talks about how to analyze ethnographic data  
  • How not-for-profits can apply ethnography to understand what appeals to their donors 
  • Dean’s advice for nonprofits to improve their online presence 
  • Blending your traditional marketing with social marketing
  • Understanding your audience by life stages 
  • Dean’s thoughts about creating messages based on audience lifestyle 
  • New trends in the philanthropy space
  • How to ensure fundraising and marketing teams work together smoothly
  • Dean talks about his forthcoming book on Gen X

In this episode…

Not-for-profits are always looking to gain deeper insights into the (everchanging) minds of their current and next generation of donors. What do they need now and in the future? How do they decide on the organization to channel their gift through? According to Dean Browell, these are some of the critical questions that digital ethnography can help not-for-profits answer so they can reach people more authentically. 

Find out more about applying digital ethnography in your nonprofit organization on this episode of the Philanthropy212 podcast with Penny Cowden as she interviews Principal, Co-Founder, and Executive Vice President of Feedback, Dean Browell. They discuss how digital ethnography works, how to capture and analyze ethnographic data, and how you can use it to craft messages that connect with donors.

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