Lorrie Hartley is the Executive Director and Board Director of The TKD Foundation. She is a mission-driven and results-proven CEO with over 17 years of experience as an executive decision influencer in the not-for-profit sector. 

The hallmark of Lorrie’s career has been working with mission-focused organizations to help humankind through servant leadership. She focuses on operational excellence, fostering extraordinary relationships internally and externally, and creating a culture of philanthropy through vision and partnership that brings a sense of community for the organization’s stakeholders. 

Lorrie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, with a not-for-profit management concentration. She is an MBTI professional, a CFRE, and a Certified Board Consultant.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Lorrie Hartley talks about The TKD Foundation and what they do 
  • Best practices for philanthropy board governance 
  • The types of training that are most suitable for board members 
  • Getting board members to join the non-profit strategic plan 
  • Recruitment best practices for not-for-profit boards 
  • How to educate board members on how to speak about and for the organization 
  • What is the board commitment plan?
  • Lorrie explains The TKD Foundation training for not-for-profits and how it works 
  • Balancing fundraising metrics and donor-relationship building

In this episode…

There are a lot of intricate details when it comes to running a foundation. A not-for-profit professional needs to know and implement best practices for recruiting, onboarding, and educating board members so that the donor-relationship building and fundraising initiatives are balanced. The problem is that there is no ready supply of insider information about these best practices. Lorrie Hartley and her team at The TKD Foundation are on a mission to change that. 

In this episode of the Philanthropy212 Podcast with Penny Cowden, Lorrie Hartley, the Executive Director and Board Director of The TKD Foundation, talks about nonprofit best practices for board governance, recruitment, and fundraising. Stay tuned.

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