Cristine More is the Chief Philanthropy Officer at Wentworth-Douglas Hospital and Health Foundation. She has served in the not-for-profit community for nearly 30 years. 

Cristine previously served as the Interim Vice President for Development at Tufts Medical Center, raising the largest gift the Medical Center has seen in the last 20 years. She has also served as the Chief Development Officer at The Caroll Center for the Blind.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [00:22] Penny introduces her guest, Cristine More
  • [01:26] Cristine discusses the mergers in the not-for-profit community that is currently underway in the state of New Hampshire
  • [02:42] What are the key components for a successful not-for-profit merger
  • [05:39] How can a merger be beneficial for all concerned parties?
  • [09:44] Why transparency and honesty are non-negotiables in philanthropy and how time plays a big role in successful mergers
  • [14:35] Why keeping donors in the loop during a merger is important and how to do it properly
  • [15:35] Cristine talks about her experiences in doing mergers and why establishing trust after a merger is important and how to do it right
  • [19:32] Things that you need to keep in mind in a merger environment
  • [20:40] How philanthropy serves as a litmus test for whether or not a community is supportive of a merger
  • [22:32] Are all team members from two merging parties retained after a merger is complete?
  • [23:15] Cristine’s advice to leaders on how to manage through a merger

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In this episode…

Mergers in the not-for-profit environment do happen depending on the resources available and how the merger process is carried out. These mergers can prove to be beneficial for all parties concerned if done correctly and if the people who are at the helm the merger are able to control the situation such that the key components of a successful merger are met.

For Cristine More, Chief Philanthropy Officer at Wentworth-Douglas Hospital and Health Foundation, mergers are a tedious process but time can be your friend during a merger. She notes that among all the things that you need to keep in mind in the process of a merger transparency and honesty are the two non-negotiables whatever the situation may be.

In this episode of the Philanthropy212 podcast, Penny Cowden gets to interview Cristine about her experiences in doing mergers for not-for-profit organizations. They also get to talk about what makes mergers successful, the role of leaders during a merger, and why establishing trust right after a merger is completed is crucial. Stay tuned.

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