Eric Ressler

Eric Ressler is the Founder and Creative Director at Cosmic Inc., a social impact creative agency. Cosmic empowers social impact organizations to catalyze real-world change by helping them nail their impact story, brand awareness, and inspire action.

Eric got his start in design from a young age. He left a design program in San Diego early to pursue freelance work. He organically built a strong roster of clients and soon discovered a passion for the social impact and philanthropic space from working with numerous organizations across that sector.

Eric found that the social impact and philanthropic industry often have strong missions and visions, but ineffective communications, philosophies, and practices can hinder their efforts. Now, Eric and Cosmic are on a mission to help social impact organizations worldwide navigate a rapidly changing world.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Eric Ressler talks about why so many social impact organizations struggle to find, grow, and maintain funding
  • What is the starvation cycle and how can nonprofit organizations get out of it?
  • Why nonprofit organizations should invest in a digital strategy despite their lean budgets
  • Eric explains why building a comprehensive and coherent brand is a must for nonprofit organizations
  • The role of content in helping you educate and activate a community digitally
  • Where to begin your digital-first culture journey to win the attention economy
  • What philanthropists can do to help social impact and nonprofit organizations to improve their ability to reach more supporters and diversify their funding
  • Why the overhead cost metric is the wrong way to measure a nonprofit organization’s effectiveness
  • The most significant barrier holding back nonprofit organizations from starting their digital-first culture and how they can overcome this

In this episode…

Is your nonprofit organization struggling to find, grow, and maintain funding? If your answer is yes, then your organization is dipping into a starvation cycle where you’re under-resourced and your donor engagement, marketing, and communications are almost non-existent.

And according to Eric Ressler, the Founder and Creative Director of Design by Cosmic Inc., says the problem will only get worse. Why? Because many nonprofits and social impact organizations are yet to build the digital-first culture required to win the attention economy, reach new donors, and spread their ideas more fully.

Listen to this episode of The Philanthropy212 Podcast with Penny Cowden as she hosts Eric Ressler, the Founder and Creative Director of Design by Cosmic Inc., to talk about how nonprofit and social impact organizations can get out of the starvation cycle and how they can find, grow, and maintain new funding. They also discuss why nonprofits are struggling in a highly-digital environment, how a digital-first culture would help fix that, how they can begin to adopt this culture, and more.

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