John McIntyre is the Chief Philanthropy Officer with Mercy Foundation, which is a part of the Dignity Health System. John’s involvement in philanthropy spans more than 30 years and through that time he has worked with donors to advance higher education, health care, and social support care for the elderly, homeless, and disadvantaged. He believes it’s his privilege and calling to help the most remarkable people on the planet — those who choose to improve and save lives through their charitable giving to maximize the impact of their philanthropy and thereby change themselves and the world.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [00:26] Penny introduces her guest, John McIntyre
  • [01:33] John talks about what metrics he uses and how he uses these to help structure and drive the process
  • [03:45] John defines what a meaningful visit is 
  • [04:58] Do metrics close the gap between development function and clinical and leadership functions? 
  • [06:29] John talks about metrics for planned and unplanned gifts and the results he has seen since he started using metrics in philanthropy
  • [10:20] How metrics can be used to create and maintain meaningful relationships with donors
  • [15:57] Why being passionate about fundraising is very important

In this episode…

Metrics are just as useful in philanthropy as it is in doing business. John McIntyre should know because he uses them to measure performance, improve accountability, and to incentivize actions within the organization. He has also found that metrics are helpful in creating and maintaining relationships with donors which is why he thinks that more people should consider having their own set of parameters to consider when doing philanthropic work. 

John is the Chief Philanthropy Officer with Mercy Foundation and if there is anything he has learned in his over 30 years in the philanthropy industry, it’s that metrics can truly help drive and structure the process of gift-giving.

In this episode of Philanthropy212, host Penny Cowden discusses with John which metrics he uses in philanthropy and how he applies them in building and maintaining meaningful donor relations. He also shares why leaders tend to look at the bottom line more than the metrics, and what constitutes a meaningful visit. Stay Tuned.

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