Neil Smithson

Neil Smithson is the CEO and Founder of Brightway Data, a company focused on empowering non-profit organizations through intelligent predictive philanthropy screening. This method identifies overlooked populations of donors with a high propensity to donate based on behavioral indicators that aren’t usually picked up by other wealth screening technology.

Before developing Brightway Data, Neil founded PARO Decision Support, a predictive modeling and account analytics software for healthcare. Through the PARO Presumptive Charity Score, Neil helped hospitals identify patients who needed free care—ultimately serving millions of patients.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Neil Smithson shares a case to show how Brightway Data software increases the donor base
  • What is the donor affinity score?
  • How the predictive modeling program works to improve the donor base
  • Neil talks about how Brightway Data supports hospital foundations
  • How the Brightway Data model helps engage donors
  • Neil talks about how modeling can increase employee engagement and possibly reduce staff turnover
  • Three key reasons why your not-for-profit should use a predictive model

In this episode…

Data is ubiquitous, but not many organizations are collecting and analyzing data to guide their decision making.

Neil Smithson, on the other hand, is revolutionizing the donor identification, outreach, and engagement process in the not-for-profit sector through his predictive modeling program. The model identifies overlooked populations of donors that have a high propensity to donate based on behavioral indicators that aren’t typically considered in wealth screening technology.

Listen to this episode of Philanthropy212  with Penny Cowden to hear Neil Smithson, CEO and Founder of Brightway Data, speak about his intelligent model for measuring donor affinity to your foundation, which is critical for attracting, engaging, and increasing your donor base. He’ll also share the three reasons why your foundation should use predictive modeling and how it can even decrease staff turnover.

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