Rick Peltier is the Executive Director at the Franciscan Health Foundation serving Northwest Western Indiana. Prior to moving to the Northwest part of the state, Rick lived in Southwestern Indiana and was the Director of the St. Vincent Evansville Foundation. 

Rick graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and enjoyed a 10-year career as a sportscaster. However, he traded his dream of working for ESPN for his passion for helping people in need when he joined the philanthropic world in 2011.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How the Franciscan Health Foundation is coping with the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Rick Peltier talks about supporting his team on the field since the pandemic began
  • Rick shares what fundraising is like these days and how donors are responding to their calls
  • How fundraisers can overcome their hesitancy to ask during this pandemic
  • Lessons healthcare fundraisers can learn from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Rick reads an excerpt from an email he received from a partner in the fundraising system

In this episode…

The impact of COVID-19 has been far-reaching across all sectors of human existence. Not only has it impacted the economy, but it is also reshaping the way we view many of the things that we’ve grown accustomed to. The way we shop, the way we live, and the way we interact with one another have all been affected by the pandemic more than we think it did.

According to Rick Peltier of the Franciscan Health Foundation, now is a good time to reach out to donors and ask them how they are and to let them know that if they are so inclined, this would be an opportune time to extend their generosity to those who need support the most.

Join Penny Cowden in this episode of Philanthropy 212 as she talks to Rick about how his foundation is copying with the COVID-19 pandemic, how they are able to continue fundraising despite the pandemic, and the lessons that healthcare fundraisers can take away from the current crisis. Stay tuned.

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