Ron Mirenda is the Founding Principal of Mirenda & Associates, with a focus on helping nonprofits foster successful and long-term relationships with donors. 

Ron has over 40 years of executive leadership, fundraising, and strategic planning experience. He has either managed or played significant roles in campaigns whose combined goals approached $850 million, including the $180 million campaign to build the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air and Space Museum’s annex at Dulles Airport.

Before founding Mirenda & Associates, he served as Vice President with national fundraising firms and provided consulting services to nationally-recognized organizations like the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Wisconsin, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and more.  

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Ron Mirenda talks about what is expected of a not-for-profit board
  • How nonprofit CEOs or Chief Development Officers (CDOs) contribute to poorly functioning boards 
  • Understanding and balancing the role of the board: governance vs. management 
  • The best practice for nonprofit boards
  • Ron talks about the mindset needed for effective governance 
  • How Ron helps nonprofit professionals lead their boards to foster strategic discussions 
  • Balancing the activities of organizational governing boards and foundation boards 
  • How a high-functioning board impacts fundraising

In this episode…

When dealing with the resources needed for a nonprofit’s short and long-term wellbeing, development professionals often have to circle back to their boards for direction. However, Ron Mirenda of Mirenda & Associates, clarifies that not many nonprofit boards understand their functions. Further, their CEOs or CDOs do not put in the required effort to help them play a more informed role. Instead, the blame is shifted to board leadership when the nonprofit underperforms. 

In these situations, what is the governing board’s role versus the CEO’s? How can both development professionals and boards collaborate in the best interest of the nonprofit? 

Find out more about creating high-functioning not-for-profit boards in this episode of The Philanthropy212 Podcast with host Penny Cowden and Ron Mirenda of Mirenda & Associates. Together, they take a deep dive into the board’s roles, effective governance, best practices for nonprofit boards, and more.

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