Tamar Copeland is a not-for-profit Executive with more than 20 years of experience in not-for-profit resource development, strategic planning, and organizational management for diverse causes including social and economic justice, international development, arts and culture, women and girls, and academia. 

Tamar holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and is currently serving as the Vice President of Development at the James Beard Foundation.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [01:00] Tamar’s take on the key things to do in creating a culture of philanthropy
  • [02:30] Roadblocks & obstructions to manifesting a culture of philanthropy
  • [07:17] Ways for a development executive to attract & encourage CEO participation in philanthropy
  • [09:44] How development and marketing professionals can work together to create commonalities between their messages
  • [13:33] How to bring together an organization’s governing & foundation boards to build a culture of philanthropy
  • [15:16] How a culture of philanthropy can help in the retention of talent 
  • [17:11] How Tamar helps her team build a culture of philanthropy

In this episode…

A culture of philanthropy is often the desired state for any fundraising organization or nonprofit. But the roadmap to actually getting there is a little ambiguous. 

The different professionals within the organization need to find ways to work together as a team to build that culture. But, as Tamar says, this process takes time & it doesn’t happen overnight.

Tamar Copeland joins host Penny Cowden in this episode to talk about the various roadblocks to building a culture of philanthropy, how to encourage CEOs to participate in philanthropy, and how a culture of philanthropy promotes talent retention.

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