Russ Hodge

Russ Hodge is the CEO of The Hodge Group, one of the fastest-growing fundraising consulting firms in the nation. Russ has over 35 years of fundraising experience, using a hands-on management style and innovative fundraising techniques that have helped The Hodge Group raise more than half a billion dollars.

Russ is often sought out as a key speaker at fundraising conferences locally and nationally and previously presented at Candid on how board culture leads to hyper philanthropy. Russ is a member of both the Giving Institute and the Association of Fundraising Professionals and has a CFRE designation. He is the past recipient of the AFP Fundraiser of the Year for Central Ohio and is an AFP Master Trainer.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Russ Hodge explains where hyper philanthropy comes from
  • The rise of donor power in philanthropy 
  • Why working in the philanthropic industry is now first-tier employment 
  • The culture of philanthropy and the board  
  • How to build hyper philanthropic boards 
  • Why philanthropy professionals take boards for granted 
  • What your board needs to help raise funds successfully 
  • Russ shares how to start building a hyper philanthropic environment regardless of the size of your organization
  • Ideas to create mission-based experiences during COVID-19 
  • How to engage the community when building a hyper philanthropic culture

In this episode…

Hyper philanthropy is about accelerating the philanthropic process without sacrificing meaningful relationships. One effective way to accelerate philanthropy is to help board members buy into the organization’s mission and take shared ownership of the philanthropy process. 

However, many executive directors and development officers are never satisfied with their board’s performance for different reasons. But what the philanthropy professionals may not know is that three things impact their board’s performance. What are these three things—and how can development professionals build a culture of hyper philanthropy? 

Listen to this episode of Philanthropy212 with Penny Cowden to hear from Russ Hodge, CEO of The Hodge Group, as they talk about hyper philanthropy. He discusses the origins of hyper philanthropy, the roles of the development professional and the board in driving it, and how to engage the community.

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Philanthropy212’s founder, Penny Cowden, has 25 years of experience in the industry and has helped raise more than $100 million for non-profits such as PeaceHealth, Sisters of Charity, Inova Health System, Banner Health System, and Sun Health.