David Mehr is the Assistant Vice President at CCS Fundraising, an organization that got its initial start in 1947 as a Community Counseling Service. It has a long history of providing philanthropic counsel and service to a spectrum of organizations and healthcare, the arts, and academia, medical schools, hospitals, public broadcasting, and conservation groups. 

As CCS Assistant Vice President, David has engaged in lead studies and campaigns for organizations including the Diocese of Brooklyn, Gracie Square Hospital, St. Joseph Health System, Delbarton School, Muhlenberg College, St. Peter’s University, University of Maryland’s St. Joseph Medical Center, and Green Chimneys. 

David is currently working with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee on the Love One Another campaign.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • David Mehr shares his thoughts on the myths associated with people in the development space
  • What boards and CEOs can do to create an environment where development people can flourish and succeed 
  • How a development professional can become part of the overall organization 
  • David talks about how to build a culture of philanthropy in an organization 
  • What a development professional needs to do to gain the favorable attention of the CEO, CFO, and board of the organization they represent 
  • Traits of a development professional who is geared towards success
  • David talks about the new system CSS Fundraising is using in building programs

In this episode…

Philanthropy is a team sport, but many organizations treat it as a one-person game, one that revolves around the development person.  On the other hand, the development person finds it difficult to communicate effectively with leadership which leads to a struggle in fundraising. According to David Mehr, there are specific leadership and fundraising practices that boards, CEOs, and development professionals need to imbibe to address these problems and succeed at philanthropy,

In this episode of Philanthropy212, David Mehr of CCS Funding talks to host Penny Cowden about the critical role of leadership and fundraising practices in order to drive success in any philanthropic organization. They also talk about the need for stable work amongst professionals, how leaders can create a culture of philanthropy and development, and more. Stay tuned.

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