Emily Gruenewald is the Vice President of Development at Overture Center for the Arts where she leads a team of seven fundraising professionals. She spearheads fundraising activities that aims to support and elevate their community’s creative culture, economy, and quality of life through the arts. Emily has worked in the not-for-profit administration for 17 years and has held executive director roles for 12 years in arts organizations and higher education.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Emily Gruenewald talks about how to move from management to leadership 
  • How to create a culture of cohesiveness in a team 
  • How to build rapport within the team and allow team performance to flourish
  • Tips on how to retain high performing team members
  • The importance of creating leadership strategies that fit the organization’s culture 
  • The value of delegation in high-performance teams
  • How long does it take to turn a C-team into an A-team?

In this episode…

Creating a team that’s cohesive and collaborative is a challenge for most leaders, even in the philanthropy industry. According to Emily Gruenewald, managing your team isn’t enough to keep things glued together. In order to stay on top of team rapport and retain top talent within the team and in the organization, executives need to have a definitive method on how to best lead their team. 

But what does the leadership-style approach entail? How does it help retain talent and create a relationship between team members that allows them to work seamlessly together? ANd more importantly, how does a great leadership style encourage high performance in fundraising activities?

Tune in as Emily Gruenewald of Overture Center for the Arts answers these questions and more in this week’s episode of Philanthropy212. Listen to the conversation she has with Penny Cowden about building and retaining high-performing teams, the role of a leader in fundraising teams, and how to turn a C-team into an A-team. Stay tuned.

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