There are different ways people can help a community. It could be through volunteer work like working with veterans or kids, through board memberships, and through donations. There are also non-profits that come in to link up philanthropic foundations with donors, which is an area that Richard Peck is incredibly interested in. 

Richard Peck is the Vice President of Development and Philanthropy Services at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. He leads the foundation’s philanthropy and donor services team and oversees all aspects of development, donor engagement, and donor services. He previously served at The Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health, and Dartmouth College.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why advisors and their clients partner with community foundations
  • How community foundations help manage donations for small nonprofits
  • How individuals can be philanthropic through community foundations
  • Richard Peck’s methods in educating advisors
  • Harnessing philanthropic conversations between advisors and clients
  • What the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits is all about and what it does for nonprofit organizations
  • The reality behind tax deductions from philanthropic activities and why this shouldn’t be the focus of advisers when talking to potential donors
  • The benefits of working with a Community Foundation
  • Richard talks about the book Giving Done Right by Phil Buchanan and why it’s a great reference book for advisers and donors alike
  • What is The New Hampshire Tomorrow Initiative and the goals that they have in mind

In this episode…

Penny Cowden sits down with Richard Peck in this episode of Philanthropy 212 to talk about how community foundations operate, how to enhance conversations between advisors and donors, and the New Hampshire Tomorrow Initiative.

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