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It’s tough for me to just give you a bulleted list of services we provide. It’s tough, because as a long-time development professional, I know our work has a domino effect on other initiatives you need. For example, a lot of factors go into putting together a campaign or figuring out how to establish a planned gift program—one thing always has an effect on another. It’s difficult for me to separate the things we do into an a la carte menu of services because it implies you can simply pick one or two services without regard to the very real effects other components have on the “something” you picked.

So, please take a look at the menu above and click on any service to better understand what I can do for you. But before you pick a service or two you’d like me to assist you with, let’s have candid conversation about what it’s going to take to achieve results beyond your expectations. Together, let’s discuss where you really want to end up. What’s your vision? What’s your ultimate objective? I’m happy to chat with you and offer my advice – whether or not you decide to partner with me.


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